Canfield and Lutz
Canfield & Lutz, LLC is located in Milwaukee, WI and primarily serves Southeastern Wisconsin.
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Frequently Asked Questions


girlI've been discriminated against by my employer. I want to hire a lawyer, but I don't have a job. How can I possibly pay you?

We take the majority of our employment discrimination cases on a contingency fee basis; meaning that you don't pay us anything for our services unless you receive a favorable result in your case.

I just got my first OWI. What happens if I get another?

Wisconsin is one of the few remaining states that has not criminalized a first offense OWI. However, any subsequent OWI you receive will be a criminal offense and conviction will likely result in mandatory jail time.

I live in Waukesha and I don't have a car. Can we meet in Waukesha?

Yes, we can meet you in Waukesha or anywhere else in southeastern Wisconsin. Contact us now to set up a meeting.